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Gabriel Knight-Blood of the sacred, blood of the damned

Gabriel Knight was once absolutely usual young man living downtown New Orleans. Owned smaller bookshop named St. Georgs Book and extracurricular yourself privydelaval writing detective story. His life with however switched in sometime, when after his German uncle Wolfgangu Ritterovi inherited except mysterious family talisman and title Schattenjagera - hunt shadow. Since is harassment urge fight against unhuman athletic to save not only all else, but and himself.

Grace Nakimura, sightly buggy, was student on prestigious schools Yale in of New York. One's age with decision start on longer-range recessional jaunt and coincidentally yourself choose just now New Orleans. To yourself a little privydelala, look round for some job, from nichz yourself in the end choose very place help in bookshop St. George Book. Her planned "holidays" with unexpectedly without a warning long and on Yale with never more she didn't return...

Grace start work in bookshop very in sometime, when Gabriel wrote of his next books based on late slaughter in New Orleans (GABRIEL KNIGHT: SINS OF FATHERS, 1994). All murder partook voodoo and bring into Gabrielovi to the otherwise undisturbed sleep fearful ephialtes. V these moonshine with phenomenon old man, which fixedly look on screaming women frying in infernal fires. All of a sudden, unreasonably, with Gabrieluv talisman get damp krvi and our hero catch sight of alone themselves, how with slowly whisk on halter... Very at solving these mysterious murder finds out here reality, that be through with used families Shattenjageru and that his mission is battle against unhuman evil.

It, that being Gabriel Schattenjagerem, Grace charm in such a degree, that with him decision stay and assist to him at his mysterious investigation. Fully with sign up at once hereafter Gabrielove adventure (GABRIEL KNIGHT 2: THE BEAST WITHIN, 1996), that have with practised on lock Schloss Ritter in Germany (lock belong to his distant relatives). Here had to Gabriel trace up black bugbear, which round lock kill several young maidens. Help Grace this time come to very apropos, because without her historical research about king Ludwigovi would investigation go against eternal know how to...


From returning from Germany run off already several years and Gabriel with Grace all the time working in his bookshop in New Orleans. All clap like on steel wool until moment, when with in postbox reveal letter from prince Jamese Stewarda, which invite Gabriela and Grace on friendly visitors to the his exiled seat in Paris. While Grace is invitation directly enthusiasm, Gabrielovi with on trip to obscurity not a bit will not. After smaller eternal arguing in the end invitation receive, it indeed but even innocent genuine reason their visitors in Paris. Prince Steward that is need a hand. Already for centuries his entire families trouble "Night visitors" - incubuses, what about it of such monster can prince Jamese deprive alone genuine Schattenjager. Of anything mostly has prince fear for his new-born son, so Gabriela with Grace entrust sb. with his look-out.

Unfortunately, imposition with showed be much complicated beyond Gabriel presumed. At once first night burst into rooms figure in black hood and beyond with our hero suffice recollect, be away and with child. After resulting man-hunt cities with Gabriel is given excepting train station and naskakuje to the rozjizdejiciho with train. At browsing one's compartment behind second in the end kidnap disclose, nevertheless hence be brainy dark and wakes excepting poloopustene train station around clachan Rennes-Le-Chateau... Hint after kidnap ends right here...

Sierra On-Line with in this decennium elderly about publication indeed heavy expenses stacks first-rate adventur. At already it was set King Questů, Heros Questů or two lots horror Phantasmagorie, all it was absolute jewel, at what memorial never unforgotten. Indeed without doubt most famous Sierrackou set of all is now already trilogy Gabriela Knighta. Scenaristkou and designerkou of all frictional part is fantastic Jane Jensen - writer, which this games prove instill of his individual "soul". Both of them previous lots, Sins Of Fathers and Beast Within, with state adventurami of the year what about it from third continuation with as a matter of fact expect idem. As a matter of fact no. Expect with from he heap sight - even with whisper, that on Gabriel Knightovi 3 (GK3) consist future whole adventurniho genre. Indeed, kazdopadne as far as it so was, so with after date about future adventur or, because GK3 with precious on A's with asterisk. Though be its publication about whole one year postponement, it waiting state indeed for it. GK3 is in many regard directly revolutionary adventurou and brightly shows, what direction with will this gambling club style in future take. 3D governance computerized world and GK3 shows, that it isn't only privilege action or RPG her. That at very high risk step to the third, adventuram meanwhile unknown proportions, went off perfectly and all play look nobly and our atmospheres prove snatch perhaps everybody's.


Action 1st story with from-used to play in America, action second in Germany what about it ours third continuation us feed into France, in the concrete then to the clachan with title Rennes-Le-Chateau (further alone RLC). Jane Jensen yourself this place choose purposely, because is braiding to many mystery associated with Templari, Freemason and last but not least so holy Gralem. Superstitions round RLC with start hand down roughly from ends 19. century, when with here seat uncanny monk Sauniere. The then found underground local church some mysterious parchment, drop away with them to the Paris and returned with gigantic stacks gold. In market-town yourself then built gorgeous villa and behind left over money let correct local church, which finally decorate quite incomprehensible heretical fresco. Start with then hand down, that somewhere round RLC is burial treasure used Templaru and after Saunierove deaths with here started ride down locator treasure from all over the world.

What about it locator treasure keep with our story indeed lot common. That is at the same time, when with in local small flophouse accommodate Gabriel, arrive likewise groupuscule tourist-gold-digger. Quite surprisingly between them Gabriel met and familiar detective Moseleyho from New Orleanské constabulary. Progress time Gabriel investigate with, that every from gold-digger shield from all else some mystery and search treasure is for them only mudguards their real mission to the those areas. Gabriel then begins from kidnap child misdoubt dead everybody's, then and detective Moseleyho, which with likewise behaviour very funny. On order then come to remarkable detection concerning Templaru, Freemason and largely bloodthirsty vampire, who go Gabrielovi word for word and to the letter "after necking".

Environment games is exposure from exalted parts only to the market-town and his near surroundings. Your point of departure will surely hotel, in which will you sneak about and search through peace of others guest. V market-town then visit with peculiar church with even peculiar priest, contiguous cemetery, outlook-tower, Museum sanctification Saunierovi and in the end and lending office moped. Here yourself let consistent Halleye, whereat with along games catch it and to the several (perhaps fifteen) remote location. Among you belongs to mysterious wineroom, vault painter Poussina and largely lashings of tourist interesting location, whereupon will your hotelovi roommate (locator treasure) do digs and look for... Eternal know what.


All play is untraditionally layout to the 17 time block, that have overlaying on the whole 3 "gambling club" days. So that with heterochronic for either time block to the second, must you always realize definite imposition, what it can be for example collected pivotal object, have a talk with definite stature on definite subject or with simply only catch it on laid location. Indeed necessity remark, that YOU ourselves time restricted least you are not. One block, which on side entails 2 till 4 watch, you can get over behind 20 minutes or so behind half of the day - rest in only and only on of your abilities. Each of onech of the three dnu begins mostly about 7 till 9 o'clock morning and ends till among 10 o'clock evening and midnight. Different time of day with then governs and fantastic dynamic lighting, when possibly towards the evening notice, that houses or timber tossing quite other shadow beyond put morning. Dead best atmospheres has then play in evening and night o'clock, when is in outside location pich dark and from GK3 with loom horror like inwrought.

Majority adventur has some gigantic disadvantage, which from their playing much player dissuade. While for example Quaka or Diablo you can play several times behind you and every time it will a little about something other, so near adventur with of no difference nedockate. It with nor isn't to what do separatrix - story is once laid and to no turning point nor get cannot. GK3 with however to those problem stand en face and is coming with intriguing solving. Except obligatory allowances chief scenic line (freedom princekin) is here that is even quantity adjacent optional imposition, whose purposes is disclose mystery of all gold-digger and their genuine reason pritomnosti in RLC. You can yourself then choose, whether with at playing will you hold only arterial road and or whether with will you pain dog out and it other. A straight you can say, that with you on 100% unsuccessful locate all, because you'll never ALWAYS in good time on right places, so that for example ear some pivotal talk. That is why certainly radio to GK3 be sitting minimum once more and try to find out all it what are you on the first occasion escape. What about it very this is one of the thing, that have on GK3 admire of anything mostly - non-linearity story and certain freedom and on-dependence at himself playing. In addition be past all Your activities remuneration bonusovymi articles namely yourself type, that will you want obtain so many point what it only go. Indeed high pochybuju, that with to someone from you successful singly hit the ceiling - it is absolutely impossible. How already I am presentation, every time you on side something escape and bodiky will irrevocable away.

Already in the second part GK with testify playing behind two fable - Gabriela and Grace. Of that with surely finish here too namely in even more abundant measurement than ever. Whole first though will you play only behind Gabriela, nevertheless in the fall of of the day to the RLC arrive and Grace, among jiz and Gabrielem with will you from infancy second of the day regularly diversify. Both of them fable with in search for spirit away children first-rate support. Gabrielova work rests in conventional detective sniff, among that have belongs to attentive searching location, talk with suspected etc . - simply field-work. On the contrary Grace digest majority time behind its laptop, whereat has installed brand-new programek SIDNEY (Schattenjager Information Database). Her chief imposition will unriddle riddle "Le Serpent Rouge", that is key to whole local mystery. It is possible tell, that thanks this two chief character with play virtually divide into two parts - classical adventurni and logical. While Gabrielova part only about only mediumly difficult, so above "Le Serpent Rouge" with together with Grace indeed crazy zapotite. Fortunately is (only) at solving hereof maxi-puzzlu open to on-line HELP, which you thereabouts "kick" and indirectly advise how along. In the ordinary way be against jakymkoliv hintum in peas, nevertheless in the event of GK3 can only thank Bohu and Sierre that him here laid. Alone be its assist in utilize perhaps fivefold.


Perhaps would be in another one's shoes with now a little more closely get in about programku SIDNEY. Act with as a matter of fact about gigantic database, which you allows pursue frequently till tall story bracket. You can here analyze adventitious audio/video/textual commentary, huddle information on of all suspected, pick out and send e-mail and even yourself and produce jakoukoliv false business card or identification. Feature SIDNEY is but gigantic prospecting informative database. Just only write e.g . word "Templars" or "Him Grail" and on screen with you excerpt pile text on a given subject. These information they are frequently of great importance to solving "Le Serpent Rouge" puzzlu and they are so chief causes majority zakysu, because you sometimes nor unchallenged it or it word in database find out. It is possible tell, that SIDNEY is in field of Templaru, vampire and at all of all resembling mystery inexhaustible storehouse information.

GK3 is classical hororovou detective story and therefrom with so unspool filling whole games. Your investigation will consist largely in searching complicated 3D ground (thereof with get in later) and in lull with perhaps by three ten put up. Take and use only relatively little articles (about 40), indeed and so will yours inventory all along playing filling namely above all by various documents or remark with fingerprints or SPZ-kami. All gambling club office they are absolutely logical and "real", till then on several reserve, from nichz one me to the draft games but at all nezapadala. Mad way, what extract false moustache, would with threw rather to cop 2 or to burning summer 2.

Come back even to lull, which only about most important components GK3. O writing duologue with elderly again Jane Jensen and her talent and experience be truly a know. On side won't you converse only themed your case, but and about impertinency, that have with action games have not hardly anything common. Evenings then will you flirt with flustered red-haired youthfull or with Innocents looking chambermaid. Like Gabriel will you with detective Moseleym discuss as to your relation to Grace what about it no-pass you indeed nor emotional talk among Gabrielem and Grace himself, that have in the end end in... but no, it would of that betrayed only too. Timhle thereby I am have eyes only for tell, that these "peep-of-stoker" conversation first-rate thicken atmospheres games and you yourself at playing here and there will you accrue as if it was in earnest. Crown the to all even stool a little black Gabrieluv humour, which in relation to voice Tima Curryho (who dub Gabriela and in Sins Of Fathers) vyzniva directly fantastically.


Though would with so at first sight can at a distance, so and over third proportion isn't GK3 firm personnel adventurou. On 3D world with unmaidenly Gabrielovyma eyesight, but "eyesight" imaginary cameras, with which you can move how with you conserve. Gabriela, or Grace, you will let without consequence anywhere stand about and various 3D environment searching only by the help of virtual cameras. S cameras with you can surely move forward and to the back, soever with turn, skew and or escalate/decline her position. Without jakychkoliv problem with then view for example below bed or on the contrary high up above case. Operating cameras but isn't just now simple trust and only with mouse yourself definitely run short. By the help of mice with you can move forward/to the back or with turn, pressing left and at the same time genuine mysitka move with cameras up/down and at pressing shift key with skew up, down and to the as regards. Tohle only about best combination operating, indeed if you want, you can cameras completely control possibly only on keyboard.

Interaction with active subjects or stature is already anologous as with stacks older 2D adventur. After clicks cursor on object with reveal series icon illustrative variety of activities, that have it is possible with laid object/men pursue. Usually keep at one's disposal icon on automatic approach cameras to investigation object, his reconnaissance and using mark object from inventories (about inventory even will speech). Further is available quite a number of by other icon, how e.g . collected object, talking or opening door. After clicks on one of the icon Gabriel/Grace to object push towards (ways, that is off-camera Gabriel/Grace in a hurry "cross", so that with you needn't bat, he should them the gait last whole eternity) and execute engaged imposition. What with me tyce, I am with pleasure, that Sierra remember on classical point-and-click system, because very same is some from basis every right adventury.

Very inconsistent views be on internet register as to graphic processing games. Indeed, I in person cut dead in this direction on GK3 no heavy expenses inadequacies. Indeed, that with graphic art in Quake 3 arena with it equate to neda, but be the side whole series by other 3D her with GK3 holds quite fairly. K design location shan't smallest harangue and what with otexturovani tyce, so may I with undisturbed heart declare, that one location really look like predrenderovane. In a word: splendour. Though beyond I must acknowledge, that grassy locations, that are coverage only some type fabric and which be at stake relatively lot, they can after time look stereotyped.

Unambiguous pochavalu yourself deserve design of all charatkteru and in particular then their comminute-agitation. Every stature with assembling from gigantic quantity polygon, which is know largely on face - you simply have not mistakes. All stature with as things stand in all sort ways contortive, swing heads, move chin, twinkle eyesight, uplift eyebrow... simply fancy. All these conveniences notice largely at talk, when they are chicken face chief target filming cameras. A little otherwise is it but already with animation gait. Possibly such Gabriel or Grace yourself it spaciruji directly speciment (in addition Grace at gait excitable contortive of his keister J), indeed other stature at gait look as it were have had nadelano to the shorts. Indeed further with must not forget get in about sychchronizaci talking words con moto labia, that is here perhaps best what I am meanwhile in peas saw. Bravo.


Everyone traction splendour run in highcolourovem fashion paper in frictional possible resolution (640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768). Matter of course is support every 3D carene and can you tell, that without graphic accelerator look graphic art... quite dirtily. Sierraci remember and on holder weak choo-choo, so that yourself you may set three standard of quality fabric and lighting. Indeed and at lowest detail is graphics quality very tolerable.

In fine even word or two to musical accompaniement, sound effect and to dub. Directly filming music be truly a top-echelon, nepostrada dynamism and changes according to of what whether with find for example in peaceful guest bedroom or at night somewhere in the forest faces get cold cadavers. Sound effect be at stake indeed lashings of, withal as that go near modern first-rate title habit. In addition with change and according to time of day (in the day-time vocal bird, at night hoots owlet and churr locust). O splendid dub Tima Curryho like Gabriela jsem with already zminoval. In the same way first-rate work enlistment likewise Charity James (Grace) analogous to and all else daberi. All stature they are false signal recognition very heart-felt and in addition and with different accent (mostly French), which though function quite pleasantly, indeed diminishes so intelligibility talking words. Fortunately be at sb.'s disposal and captions, so that is everything escape. As far as but doesn't speak at least on the average in English, rather with to the playing GK3 nor nepoustejte, because English here isn't certainly simple.

To be almost impossible upon this games find some inadequacies, but yet only, couple thing yourself Gabrielovi reprehend no-forgive. Hamper me, that story games wasn't described in animated inter but only in apposition drawing komixu (in .pdf size), which is in today's modern time quite obsolete business. Further with me nelibila too intricate work with inventories. As far as that is you want somewhere some object use, you must first call up inventory (keys "I"), click on laid object and subsequently on icon "handle", close inventory (keys "ESC"), click on other object on screen and then on icon with marked object from inventories... ufff, such elaborateness. As far as at zatuzich with liking for you are using system "all of all", so here thereon you can straight forget, or with therefrom mad. Fortunately GK3 isn't adventura based on frequent combination with subjects, so that this "poverty of" isn't till so splitting.

Gabriel Knight 3

producer: Sierra studio

distributor: Havas/Bohemia Int.

Minimum configuration: Pentium 166 (P 233 without 3Dfx),


recommended configuration: Pentium II 300, 64 MB RAM, 16xCD-ROM

3D cards: yes (Direct3D)

Multiplayer: no

Verdikt: Absolutely ingenious and revolutionary worked adventura, four-square best bit finally two years.

Classification 95%

Last and perhaps biggest disillusion was final part games, that I rather remind of Tomb Raider and of his major dues action with me to the otherwise classical adventury, what GK3 without question is, at all accident.

I beyond that three smaller mistakes on eye-appeal is GK3 definitely to all intents and purposes best adventure this year. Even yourself troufam assert, that being pick adventura from publication Broken Sword 1. Namely already is some the Friday. Jede fall is it dignified continuation (and unfortunately perhaps and heelpiece) famous adventurni set, which yourself during last five years adventitious well players' favour. Splendid mystic story, fantastic atmosphere, very proper extensiveness and first-rate technical processing affected from of that-why games unfeigned jewel among adventurami. In addition GK3 bears to the adventure line thanks his third proportions unfeigned revolution and be confident, that enthronement new trend under development adventur. Please see, that and in 3D with give do classical point-and-click adventury and that that gambling club style has yet only before you any future. Withal, already now with please on Simona 3D, that should look likewise like GK3. So that: as far as have you adventury at least a little radio, so this bit them to you absolute duty and who yourself him let go, the very make a mistake, because so splendid play go out indeed only once every two till for three years. Is it simply ideal way, how digest this year's Christmas cake holidays...












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